Because of the constant presence of both freshwater and saltwater crocodiles, there are plenty of signs warning people that they swim at their own risk. During our swim up to the Twin Falls we had company from one freshwater croc which happily was not interested in eating us for lunch and kept a respectable distance..
re was plenty of wildlife to see on the trip ranging from this large python enjoying the warmth of the bitumen, and in mortal danger from the traffic, to kangaroos, crocodiles, dingoes and, of course, the incredible range of birdlife. Ted managed to encourage the snake to the side of the road so it could live a little longer.
 The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is responsible for maintaining this site at Adelaide River on the way to Kakadu. It is peaceful and serene and just as well looked after as it had been during my first visit 30 years ago.  
 The bougainvillea made this one of the most attractive petrol stations in the Northern Territory. Contact Odyssey Safaris on their website at

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