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Broome Gallery 8 - Geikie Gorge
A ranger-guided boat is the best way to see Geikie Gordge near Broome in Western Australia There are amazing colours and shapes in the rock walls at Geikie Gorge Now that's a good balancing act at Geikie Gorge
Trees grow out of the rock face at Geikie There's plenty of colour in the rocks at Geikie Gorge Freshwater crocodiles like to sun themselves on the rocks at at Geikie Gorge
The younger crocodiles rest on the banks of Geikie Gorge This was one of the larger crocs at Geikie Gorge This was a seriouslyt large crocodile
Ona calm day the reflections in Geikie Gorge are stunning American visitors are amazed to see this likeness of former President Nixon More reflections from overhanging rocks at Geikie Gorge
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